Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (last updated July2020)

By choosing to complete an enrolment form of Institute of Human Development (IHD), you agree to the following terms and conditions, whether you have read the terms and conditions or not. If choosing to participate as a member, you declare that you are 16 years of age or older.

Video Content
Independent content providers provide video content. IHD reviews video content and its relevance to ensure the highest possible standards, however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the independent content provider to ensure content is accurate, relevant, and of an appropriate standard before being published by IHD. If you have enrolled in a video course and note any discrepancies, errors, technical faults and other problems, please contact our team on admin@ihdaust.com.au 

Privacy Policy
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We reserve all rights concerning the courses, videos, materials, programs, services and products of the IHD. We reserve the right to change the materials, programs, services and products at any time without warning, at our discretion.Opinions of contributors to this site are not necessarily those of IHD. Use of material on IHD is not intended to substitute professional, legal, financial or medical advice. When advice is required, we encourage you to seek out a qualified professional. IHD makes no representation or warranty that information contained on the site is accurate, nor accepts liability or responsibility for any action arising out of the information contained on the site. You agree to use the information on this site at your own risk and take sole responsibility for the choices you make. 

All content on the IHD website is property of IHD and its content suppliers (authors, presenters and affiliates) and is protected by international copyright laws. This includes but is not limited to courses, videos, templates, articles, audio files and intellectual property.Use of this material in no way denotes ownership of it. You are not permitted to reproduce, replicate, copy or make available the content to others. 

Website Usage
Your access to IHD only gives you the right to access and use IHD resources. You are not permitted to share your login details with others. As such, you and you alone are responsible for activities that occur under your access details.Your access does not in any way imply ownership of content - you are not permitted to copy, distribute, sell or publicly share any IHD resources, including your login details. IHD reserves the right to refuse or cancel service at IHD’s discretion. 

Account Access via Resources Portal
Your individual IHD account provides you with access to a range of resources and services, including course content,certificates, your learning dashboard, and more. To access the resources portal, you will require:·        

Internet connection (for video content access, a broadband connection is recommended)·        

An appropriate computer device(laptop/desktop computer or mobile device)·        

Up-to-date internet browsing software (e.g. Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)·        

PDF Reader (to open/download PDF files).Access to courses is only available to courses you have completed an enrollment form for, via your online student login.  

Refund Policy
Your completed electronic enrolment form acts as confirmation of acceptance, and commitment to, paying all fees as stated on the enrolment form. Once an electronic form has been completed and submitted, the applicant will be known as a “student”. Enrolments submitted electronically require a confirmation that the student has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the Fees & Charges documentation online to submit and process the enrolment form. This action provides confirmation in lieu of a signature. In checking the appropriate box, the student fully accepts IHD Terms and Conditions. Students are considered to have commenced their course from the date that IHD has issued course login details.Refunds may be granted in the event an application is submitted within 14 days of confirmation of enrolment. The refunded cost will be less minimum AUD $100 Administration Fee per 100-hour module, plus postage & handling costs. If course notes have already been sent to the student, they must be returned before the refund can be processed.Failure to return course materials promptly will result in the cancellation of all refund processes.In the event an assignment has already been submitted and returned, a refund will not be issued. 

For workshops and courses IHD will refund:

a).   100% of the purchase price if the cancellation is received before the commencement of the purchased course or workshop.

b).  50% of the purchase price if the cancellation is received after commencement of the workshop or course.

c).  No refunds will be issued if a cancellation is received after completion of the workshop or course.

d).    No refunds will be issued for no-shows in relation to live workshops or courses however all handouts, workbooks etc will still be made available.

Deferments and Extensions
Deferments and extensions may be granted at the discretion of IHD. Application for a deferment or extension must be submitted via the course change form here or email student services@IHD.edu.au.IHD reserves the right to refuse a deferment or extension request if:
•             Valid reason, with appropriate documentation, is not submitted
•             The Student has requested multiple deferments and extensions
•             The Student is not in good financial standing with IHD. If IHD approves a deferment or extension,recommencement fees may apply. 

Text Course Transfer
For a period of 30 days following receipt of the material, the student may apply for special consideration to transfer from one text course to another. Applications must be made in writing via the course change form available on the IHD website or email admin@ihadaust.com.au. A transfer fee of $100 per module will apply. IHD will apply credit for monies paid for the original enrolment against the new module. No refund will be issued for any difference in the course price. In the event IHD grants a transfer request, confirmation in writing will be given. Course materials must be returned to IHD within ten working days for the transfer to be valid.Failure to return materials promptly will cancel the transfer process.In the event, an assignment has been submitted and returned a module transfer will not be granted. 

Transfer to Another Party
In the event the student wishes to transfer their enrolment to a third party, an application must be submitted in writing via the change of enrolment form here or email admin@IHDaust.com.au within two months of enrolment. An administration fee of $100 (plus postage and handling costs) will apply. IHD will apply the credit for monies paid for the original enrolment against the new course, but no refund will be issued for any difference in the course price. In the event an assignment has already been submitted and returned, a student transfer will not be granted.