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Philip Armstrong
About Philip

Philip has significant experience in course and curriculum design and development, being in demand as a consultant in both the vocational and higher education sectors.  He has worked in curriculum design of both undergraduate and post-graduate levels with some of the 100 top universities in the world such as University of Queensland and Monash University. Philip also has over 25 years of experience developing short courses and working on professional development activities.

Philip, as Director and Founder of Optimise Potential (https://optimisepotential.com.au) has established a number one provider of counselling and psychotherapy supervision training services, being the first Australian-based clinical supervision training provider to achieve profitable operations in Asia and India. Influencing change industry-wide, he has elevated the profile of counsellors in mental healthcare provision, both improving access for patients in need of care and delivering better financial returns for the health system.

Philip is a co-editor of several professional texts and peer-reviewed professional journals and author of several marketing textbooks. Philip’s knowledge and experience have been formally recognised through being awarded an Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow of the University of South Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Counselling Association. Further information on Philip is available on LinkedIn https://au.linkedin.com/in/philiparmstrong